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You Can't Pour from an Empty Cup - PAUSE | REEVALUATE | RESUME

If you can relate to one or more of the above, keep reading!

Every year, the American Psychological Association (APA) surveys people throughout the United States on stress. The survey focuses on their sources of stress, their intensity, and how people react to stressors, mentally and physically. Despite the raging pandemic in 2020, they did the survey and the results were summed up as follows:

“We are facing a national mental health crisis that could yield serious health and social consequences for years to come.”(*)

Take a minute to digest this statement as it pertains to how you are feeling. Long story short, if not dealt with, how you are feeling could have long term implications. Having said this, being a mental health professional and also, based on personal experience, I also know that problem-solving, when one is in this space, can be very challenging or may seem impossible. Hence, the reason why I wrote the following Teachable course to help you to PAUSE | REEVALUATE | RESUME.

Our body talks to us. Sadly, many of us ignore its warning signs. The questions that I started this article with are just a few of the warning signs that we are in the yellow zone and about to enter the red zone. Hence, the reason to hit the PAUSE button. Telepathically, I can hear many of you reading this thinking - “Where am I going to get time to take a course?” Well, I thought about that! The course is self-paced. It is not one that is meant for you to rush through because to get the most out of it, you will have to do some introspective work!

Some of what is manifesting is a direct result of us continuing to use older operating systems (to borrow a technology term). Let me explain. I had a cell phone, that now I can say, seemed like the first one that was invented. In fact, when I brought it into a Verizon Store (of course this was a few years ago, pre-COVID) to be fixed, unknown to them, I heard the representative and her colleagues joking and laughing about it. The rep returned from the backroom to let me know that the reason why the phone was freezing, dropping calls, etc., although I installed the updates was that the operating system was too outdated for the new updates.

So, how does this pertain to the subject on hand - what is happening in your life? Well, who we are today is not who we were, even 12 months ago. Some of the tools that you are using to navigate the new you are antiquated. They need to be updated, discarded, and/or replaced. Hence, the course, Who Am I? A simple question but one that is difficult to answer. However, answering it could change your life significantly for the better because it would change how you navigate your life.

During this self-paced course, you will gain insight as regards to:

  • Why it is important to be able to answer this question and OWN the answer.

  • How you can go about getting the answer to this question.

  • What are some self-imposed barriers that may be getting in your way?

  • How to flip the switch? That is, start living from a BE-DO-HAVE perspective instead of from a DO-HAVE-BE one.

  • What are some practical strategies to cope when you are feeling disconnected from yourself?


Take a peek at the course - "Who Am I" at TEACHABLE

If you like what you see, and think that it will be helpful, use the following promo code: WHOAMI to receive 10% off.


(*) ADDITIONAL READING: Stress in America 2020

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