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Here at Discover A New Future, giving back means more than giving money to those in need, a gesture of generosity. For us, ‘giving back' means community involvement and much more. As Kathy Calvin said, "It is about making a difference" and bettering the lives of people – our loved ones, the people in your community or the lives of people in the world.

​Over the years, we have undertaken numerous initiatives and partnered with many not-for-profits to make a difference. Many have been inspired by her personal story. Faith has been a single parent since her children were six and four years old. They are now in their twenties and thirties. Having gone down this road, she can relate to some of the challenges faced by many single parents. In addition, she also knows the struggle of not having enough money and what it feels like to "rob Peter to pay Paul" as the saying goes. Hence, she is also a strong believer that “if you give a (wo)man a fish, you feed it for a day. If you teach a (wo)man to fish, you feed her/him for a lifetime.”

​In an effort to help individuals, especially women, to become self-sufficient, Faith created the Break Free Movement. The umbrella for the Break Free Women's Empowerment Conference, the Break Free Intergenerational Women's Conference and the Break Free Mother and Child Weekend Retreat! The goal of all these initiatives is to create a safe space for women to share, learn and replenish themselves.


Keynote: Wincey Terry-Bryant

The Break Free! Be Free and Soar! Women’s Retreat is an extension of the Break Free! Conference. The objective of these weekend retreats is to provide a safe environment where women can come together to relax and recharge in a tranquil environment. The first retreat was held in April 2018 at Fairview Lakes YMCA Camps in Newton New Jersey. The second was held in 2019.  The difference being, the second one was a Mother and Child Weekend Retreat for women and their children (ages 3 through 15 years old). 

Sneak PEEK into
2019 break FREE MOTHER and Child weekend Retreat 


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