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Research shows that there are eight key areas of life that helps us to live a healthy and balanced life.  All these Dimensions of Wellness, as they are called, are interrelated.  However, two,  OCCUPATIONAL and EMOTIONAL wellness, that is Discover A New Future primary focus. 

Occupational wellness is the ability to get fulfillment from one chosen work or career while maintaining balance in one's life while emotional wellness is the ability to understand ourselves and cope with the challenges' life brings. 

" Helping your employees achieve a higher level of service and job satisfaction by

providing transformative professional and leadership development training and

coaching services  that enhance their wellbeing through self-knowledge."

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How your employees feel is directly related to how they perform. Social identity theory (Tajfel, 1979) suggests that people develop a sense of pride and self-esteem through connection and identification with a specific group. In other words, by creating a common feeling of "us" among the employees, organizations not only build their employees’ self-esteem, feelings of self-efficacy and control but, they also create a shared purpose. Discover A New Future continuously thrive to help organizations to accomplish this goal. 

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"To transforms self-awareness into a higher level of service,

job satisfaction and overall well-being" 

our values 


Honesty and transparency


See and treat others as human beings,

not human doing


Inspire growth


Unite to accomplish a something bigger than ourselves

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