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Gregory Janz


Bergen City One Stop

"We were looking for a training for our counselors in our TANF program. During the interview process, we located Faith. Faith's training far exceeded our expectation and we will bring her back to provide training for our counselors serving clients in our other programs. Each training session was interactive providing those in attendance to interact with each other as well as Faith. If you are looking for a trainer to provider supportive counseling techniques, creating a professional work environment and de-escalation techniques I would tell you to bring Faith in. Thank you for everything you have done for our organization."

Robert Kley

Vice President/COO,

Mental Health Association in New Jersey

"Faith is an excellent creator, developer, and training presenter. I have worked with her for over 18 years and she continues to grow as a professional. She has the capacity of bringing complex concepts into focus for diverse audiences with both strong audience engagement and clarity of messaging. Her work at the Mental Health Association in NJ as both an employee and consultant has and continues to be superior."

Julia  -  Princeton University.jpg

Julia Davila

Security Supervisor,

Department of Public Safety,

Princeton University

"I cannot say enough about Faith and the impact that has made on everyone in our class at Princeton University this past fall and spring terms. Excelling at Princeton for Supervisors was a great success, due to the teaching and class involvement that was all the credit of Faith and her teaching skills. We felt comfortable sharing with her and troubleshooting the issues that we experience in our work environments. Thank you, Faith, for all you have done. Your contributions to us made it a success and for that, we are better supervisors. We continue to meet to troubleshoot as you have taught us."


Michele Martin

Senior Associate,

New Start Career Network, John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development,

Rutgers University

"New Start Career Network is helping Nj job seekers over age 45 who have been out of work for 6 or more months. Faith presented two webinars for our members—one on Changing Self-Sabotaging Habits and another on Understanding Yourself in the Job Search Process. Both webinars were engaging and informative and got raving reviews from participants. Faith was a joy to work with, well-generous with her time, organized, creative and compassionate. I highly recommend Faith!"

Cassandra Colluci

System Training Coordinator,

Somerset City Library

"Faith is a dynamic, passionate and experienced keynote speaker. She presented at our Staff Development Day in 2018 in front of 200 staff from various positions and backgrounds. Faith was very responsive in developing our keynote topic on mental health and even put together a wonderful panel of community organization leaders to speak about the resources available to our community. The overall response from attendees was very positive. One attendee wrote, 'The speaker was engaging and thoughtful. It was a great topic that is very relevant to libraries. I especially appreciated that she brought in a panel of people who could be not only resources but possible partners for programs in the future.' Faith also put together a break out session where an attendee wrote, 'This program was intense, but life-changing. I think it should be offered to everyone.' "

Barbara Milton.jpg

Barbara Milton, PhD, LCSW

Clinical Entrepreneur, Consultant, Social Worker, Educator & Change Agent

"I have the utmost respect for the visionary leadership and tenacity of Faith Saunders. She has a vast pallet of skills and resources that she creatively brings to bear on any project and completes the work with brilliance and efficiency. I learn a lot from this masterful entrepreneur and clinician. I look forward to my every encounter with her, every book she authors, every episode she produces and every workshop she leads."

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