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by making the unconscious



Discover A New Future welcomes the opportunity to put our world-class professional development content to work in your organization. In person or virtually, we work with you to customize the content of each workshop and structure the learning experience to meet your organization's needs. Our goal is to enable sustainable transformation through a self-coaching approach that focuses on the most essential skills your employees need to move your organization forward.

Please note that the Transformative Workshop Series is just a small sample of topics from our extensive library. When we discuss your organization's needs, we may realize that other training content other than those described below will better meet your needs. In that case, we will make the needed adjustments. 

TRansformational workshop series

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers                                    

The pandemic has caused unforeseen trauma.

  • What does this mean for organizations and for employees?

  • How is it impacting employee engagement?

Learn the answers to these and other questions and how your organization can support employees in this predicament.

Its Impact in the Workplace

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers                                   

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) promotes innovation and engagement by looking at challenges from a ‘what is right’ perspective.

This problem-solving approach facilitates change by drawing on strengths and achievements.

Problem-solving from A Positive Perspective


The Real Challenge is Transitioning from the Old to the New!

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers                                    

No one likes change. However, in his book, Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, William Bridges explains that change is not the culprit. It is transitioning process – which is psychological. This seminar focus’ on how managers/leaders can achieve sustainable change by supporting employees through the transition process. 

Using Self-Awareness to Propel You to the Next Level

TARGET AUDIENCE: Employees                               

Understanding who you are, what you want, and how to reach your goals are critical components to career advancement and job satisfaction.

This seminar teaches participants how to create the mental mindset to become a self-coach.


Having Challenging Conversations at Work

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers | Employees                         

Sometimes we avoid having difficult, but necessary conversations with our colleagues, subordinates, managers and/or others in our personal lives

because we simply don't know how to do so. During this seminar, participants will learn what are the factors that make it challenging for them to have a

difficult conversation and various strategies they can use to effectively engage in difficult conversations.

They Go A Long... Way

TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers | Employees                         

Everyone has unconscious biases, and it affects everything we do. These biases, however, become a problem when they negatively impact us, especially professional. The best way to prevent ourselves from succumbing to these unconscious biases is to become aware of them and take action to prevent them eroding our interactions. Doing so will build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

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