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The most important operational asset that a company has is its EMPLOYEES. As a result, training is an integral part of many organizations budget because the thought is that investing in employees can grow a company's bottom line. We agree... to a point. Trainings are not successful until what is being taught is utilized. Hence, the million-dollar question - are companies getting an adequate ROI on this investment?    

According to Training Magazine's 2020 Training Industry Report, the average company in the US spent $1, 111 per employees on training in 2020. This figure is slight lower that what was spent in 2019. Anyway, it is still a significant number. Many companies invest in their employees professional development with the assumption that it will make increase their overall performance and increase the company's net income in the long run.  This assumption is not totally accurate. 

According to a survey published in CompTIA Workforce Learning Trends 2020, one of the primary challenges in implementing effective training programs is the lack of leadership from organizations.  In other words, what happens after the training? For most organizations - the answer is nothing else happens!  

Discover A New Future provides not only 
impactful trainings and coaching that addresses your specific needs, but we provide follow-up support to help facilitate lasting transformation and increase your training ROI. 

Transformational Workshop Series
The pandemic has changed the workforce, not only in terms of HOW we interact but also WHERE we do so. Some companies have transitioned from offering their products and/or services from brick and mortar to a virtual space; others are going back to status quo - a physical setting and last, but not least, there is the hybrid model.   To ensure maximum productivity and employee engagement, corporations must train their managers and employees so that they can adapt to their new norm.  The Transformational Workshop Series was created with this in mind. 
Some topics in the series include: 

Leading from the Inside Outward Workshop Series 
To be an effective leader, one first must be able to lead oneself.  This involves being introspective, taking responsibility for one’s actions, setting priorities, acquiring the necessary tools and resources needed and most importantly, taking action. In other words, self-leadership is necessary for one to be an effective leader of others. This series starts by helping leaders connect with their ‘why’ for choosing to be a leader in their chosen career, examine their unconscious biases, and so forth and transition into what makes a leader effective. 
Some topics in the series include: 


Specialized Workshops 

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