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About This Series

 Topics* and Descriptions

This series of trainings are geared at assisting individuals to

  • take an introspective look at their lives

  • identify their strengths

  • recognize the barriers that are impeding their success personally and professionally

  • learn strategies that capitalize on their strengths and help them overcome their barriers


Activities and discussion topics are from BREAK FREE: 52 Tips to Escape Your Self-Imposed Prison, a workbook that is designed to help individuals to... 

  • gain insight into some of the barriers that are getting the way of their success 

  • learn strategies that can help them to overcome these barriers. 

Also, homework activities will be assigned. The objective of which is to help individuals to practice and integrate what they are taught in their daily life.

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To provide women, the world over, with practical tools to become the best version of themselves.

Our Mission

To create a safe community that promotes hope; where women learn healthy ways of thinking and being as they continuously reach towards their full potential.

This Week's Show

Host Faith Saunders addresses everyday challenges that women face that prevent us from living authentic and fulfilling lives by sharing information, tools, strategies, and resources.

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Our Values 

Hope | Respect | Integrity | Perseverance

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