Growing Personally & Professionally

About This Series

This series of trainings are geared at assisting individuals to
  • take an introspective look at their lives
  • identify their strengths
  • recognize the barriers that are impeding their success personally and professionally
  • learn strategies that capitalize on their strengths and help them overcome their barriers

Overcoming Your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs)

Participants will learn how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related and specifically how their personal and professional life are impacted. In addition, they will learn strategies for overcoming their ANTs. Homework Activity: Exterminating Your ANTs
Participants will be asked to record various ANTs that they encountered during the week and how they overcame them.

Changing Self-Sabotaging Habits

Participants will do a self-assessment that will help them to identify self-sabotaging behaviors that are getting in the way of their success. They will learn what self-sabotaging behaviors are and what is behind them. They will also learn strategies that they can use to acquire and integrate more healthy habits in their life. Homework Activity: Let Go of the Old and Embrace the New (Chapter 34)
Participants will be asked to identify 1 habit that is not serving them well and take 1 small step during the week towards changing that habit.

Managing Stress in a Stress-Filled World

Participants will learn to identify warning signs that are indicators that they are becoming stressed and corrective actions that they can take to reduce or eliminate their stress level. In addition, they will do a self-assessment to ascertain their personal wellness using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness Assessment Tool and identify ways that they can begin to address the areas that they rated themselves low in. Homework Activity: Managing Your Stress (Chapter 26)
Each participant will be asked to pay attention during the week to - people, places, situations, or things that result in them feeling stressed - what are some of the physical signs that they experience when they are becoming stressed.

Change is Easy: Transition is the Real Challenge!

Very few people like change. However, as William Bridges explains in his book Managing Transition, it is not change that people struggle with, it is the transition process. Participants will learn the difference between change and transition, identify the three transition phases and various practical strategies to help themselves and others through each phase. Homework Activity: Success Only Comes When You Take Risks (Chapter 33)
Each participant will be asked to observe how they feel when they do something that takes them out of their comfort zone.

Who Am I?

Participants will partake in a number of activities and discussions geared at helping them to clarify who they are so that they can participate in their life in a more authentic way. They will also learn how to utilize this information to aid them on a daily basis. Homework Activity: What is Wondrously True about You (Chapter 5)
Each participant will be asked to pay attention to their actions during the coming week and record evidence of when they are being their authentic self and when they are not. Also, to acknowledge the feelings that emerge in each situation.

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Participants will learn what a SMART Goal is and how to use this approach to help them achieve their goals. In addition, they will learn what Mind Mapping is and how to utilize this tool to identify the steps they need to take to achive their SMART goal. Homework Activity: Taking Baby Steps towards Your Goal (Chapter 20)
Each participant will be asked to identify a short term goal that they would like to achieve and small steps they will take during the week towards achieving it.

Overcoming Barriers to Your Success

Participants will learn about internal and external barriers that may be impeding their overall success and learn strategies for overcoming these barriers. Homework Activity: Own Your Power (Chapter 32)
Each participant will be asked to identify at least 1 experience that they have had in their life and at least 2 lessons that they learned from these experiences.

Blunders That Stunt Professional Growth

Participants will learn about the 3 blunders that often stunt professionals' growth and strategies for overcoming them. Homework Activity: What is Your Mission (Chapter 40)
Each participant will be asked to develop their own personal mission statement.

 Topics* and Descriptions


Activities and discussion topics are from BREAK FREE: 52 Tips to Escape Your Self-Imposed Prison, a workbook that is designed to help individuals to... 

  • gain insight into some of the barriers that are getting the way of their success 

  • learn strategies that can help them to overcome these barriers. 

Also, homework activities will be assigned. The objective of which is to help individuals to practice and integrate what they are taught in their daily life.


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